Allan Ojala

Owner / Developer – The Ojala Group – Commercial Real Estate Development

“Providing a creative and unique approach to problem solving, Dan is highly experienced in all facets of commercial real estate development and sales. His high-quality professional character, and extreme persistence and diligence, serve me well. He has a highly disciplined and articulate approach to our projects. Dan is 100% committed to any challenge he takes on – large or small. His loyalty and commitment to his clients and customers is Dan’s strong suit. He is truly the best of the best, and I am speaking from 48 years of history in the industry! It is a pleasure working with Dan.”

Jordon Perlmutter

Owner and Developer

“Bartell & Company are more than just brokers, they’re advisors looking for the best possible outcome.”

Jane Poucel

Investment Partner

“As a partner of Dan’s for 20 years, I’ve known him to have all of the best traits that make a long relationship work. He’s thoroughly experienced in all phases of real estate. Most importantly, I can count on him in the best, as well as the most difficult of times. He thinks globally but also tends to the details. He is completely committed to his partners and the project goals.”

Brad Nelson

Wells Fargo Bank, Wealth Management Group

“You are the best advisor and broker that we have used in years! You came into an extremely complicated situation with multiple owners and persevered through all of the obstacles. I love the fact that the negotiated sales price came in 48% above appraised value.”

Marty Schmitz

Citywide Bank, President

“Dan always does what he says he will do and stands behind his work with a service guarantee. He represents us in the marketplace the way we want to be represented.”

John Brejcha

Former Deputy Director, Colorado State Land Board

“Bartell & Company gives me peace of mind. They don’t just see the details, but plan for, organize and help us implement the big picture on our entire 300,000 sf commercial building portfolio. Because they also help us with commercial building acquisitions, they see how the pieces of the puzzle fit together. They’re small enough to react yet big enough to guide us.”

Bennett M. Lifter

Lifter Enterprises

“I found Mr. Bartell to be creative, resourceful, diligent, and helpful in all respects…he has both the tangible skills necessary for real estate development and operation as well as the intangible qualities of persistence and integrity to assure favorable results for himself and those with whom he is associated.”

Martin Z. Margulies


“His diligence and hard work enabled me to finish the job on time, within budget; thus, making the project very profitable. Dan left to explore business opportunities for himself and I would not hesitate to recommend this honest, hard-working young man for his future endeavors.”

B. Robert Perlstein

Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation of the United States Government

“…Mr. Dan Bartell of that organization, functioning as the local Denver property manager for Corporate Center 25, has also furnished superior support both to Karsten Realty Advisors and, through Karsten, to PBGC…they are to be commended for the efforts in concluding the Corporate Center 25 lease arrangements. It is a pleasure to have the opportunity to document what I view as the successful conclusion of a long and complex project, accomplished in a very difficult real estate market.”

Holly & Rob Quick

“We faced a complex lease negotiation with a national tenant. The tenant was unresponsive, appearing to be averse to negotiation. Dan used his impressive knowledge base and industry experience to carefully and thoroughly analyze our situation and then outline an effective approach. With his help, we now have a much improved lease agreement that protects our interests, and improved relations with the tenant. We are very grateful to have had Dan’s guidance”