Why Bartell & Co.

At Bartell & Co. we build successful, long-term business relationships based on experience, expertise, and trust. We create value and proven results with personalized service that consistently exceeds our clients’ expectations.

As a boutique firm, clients and partners benefit from our full 360° attention.

  • We think strategically and implement with precision as we analyze and advocate for your success.
  • We know that the handling of the last 20% of a project makes a significant difference in results, so we stay closely involved until the very end.

“Providing a creative and unique approach to problem solving, Dan is highly experienced in all facets of commercial real estate development and sales. His high-quality professional character and extreme persistence and diligence serve me well. He has a highly disciplined and articulate approach to our projects. Dan is 100% committed to any challenge he takes on – large or small. His loyalty and commitment to his clients and customers is Dan’s strong suit. He is truly the best of the best, and I am speaking from 48 years of history in the industry! It is a pleasure working with Dan.”

Allan Ojala
Owner / Developer, The Ojala Group Commercial Real Estate Development

Our Process

We take our clients through a three-step process, which allows for a better contextual understanding of our clients’ needs and more comprehensive solutions. Asking key questions, conducting comprehensive analysis, and skillfully effectuating the strategic plan for our clients are key ingredients to our 30 years of success in the brokerage business.

Step 1
  1. Assess perceptions and assumptions of real estate.
  2. Understand perceived vs. actual real estate risk tolerance.
  3. Uncover flawed planning for short, medium, and long-term real estate business and investment goals.
  4. Discuss the futility of trying to time the market in order to buy at the very bottom and sell at the very top. It is both nearly impossible and generally counterproductive.
  5. Understand Wealth Manager’s and Estate Planner’s goals regarding income, value, and risk.
  6. Consider how to build in flexibility in an uncertain world.
Step 2
  1. What are the options for the use of the property?
  2. Is the site or improvement under- or over-utilized? Is it efficiently used?
  3. What are the historical, current, and forecasted analytics (e.g. vacancy, absorption, etc.) for an existing property/portfolio/proposed purchase/development?
  4. Project value and cash flow through Argus Enterprise & Argus Developer.
  5. Assess partnership waterfall structure and evaluation.
  6. Evaluate construction process, efficiencies, and value engineering.
  7. Market effectively to target niche groups and individuals and their specific uses.
  8. Truly understand who your target market is and why.
  9. Assess the costs and benefits of up-zoning a property for increased value.
Step 3
  1. Hire architects and engineers to evaluate fulfilling a site/project’s design opportunities, while adhering to or appealing a zoning designation.
  2. Execute marketing plan
  3. Conduct financial analysis to support decision-making process.
  4. Arrange financing.
  5. Hire contractors (e.g. design-build, tenant finish, infrastructure improvements).
  6. Manage projects while enforcing contracts and standards. Communicate with partners and lenders.”
  7. Budget capital expenses within properties and over entire portfolio.
  8. Refinance, reposition, buy, and/or sell assets.